I don't know much about Second Youth, except that they are Sardinians, and that "Dear Road" is their first work on long distance, despite the fact that the two "founding members", Dick Smith (The Legacy, Runes) and Andre' Suergiu (The Gold Kids), have been around for years now.
Ten songs, which sound very end of the 90's hardcore, full of melody and Punk rock attitude of the one without frills that comes right away, between Rancid, Ignite and GG Allin.
I like very much "1992", which introduces an appreciable ska variant, and the melody of "Suzanne", even if the songs I prefer are "Dear Road", dragging and involving with his "Sha la la la la la la" and that acoustic guitar touch that makes the piece even more captivating, but above all the very tight "This City".
Rancid style vocals are certainly a distinctive trait of the quintet based somewhere between London and Sardinia.
But in my opinion this tires a bit in the end, becoming the only flaw of the album, which, incidentally, is co-produced by the very Italian (and always valid) Indiebox and the German Demons Run Amok, usually dedicated to a more extreme Hardcore, and this time opens to a band that has a good international credit.

The Tracks
1. Friday Night
2. This City
3. Letter home
4. Suzanne
5. 1992
6. Homeward bound
7. Boots and Mohicans
8. Close
9. Worst case scenario
10. Dear Road

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